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How to Tell if Your Cat Is Part Siamese?

A Siamese cat’s remarkable beauty would be impossible to miss. Despite being a widespread domestic cat breed, Siamese cats maintain their exotic appearance.  If you’re looking to see if your cat is connected to a specific breed, and you are one of them who wants to know How to Tell if Your Cat Is Part Siamese?

A Siamese cat’s characteristics include its blue eyes, pointed head, and color-pointed coat. The big, triangular ears are a distinctive feature of the human head.  Siamese kittens are easily recognized by their white coats, which gradually become other shades of grey as they grow older.

It takes a lot of testing to determine whether or not your cat has Siamese ancestry. An in-depth examination of your cat’s appearance, mannerisms, and other traits is required.  As a result of the information in this book, you should be able to determine whether or not your cat is a true Siamese.

Is The Siamese A Rare Cat Breed?

Around the 14th century, Thailand’s Siamese breed came into existence. The Thai Royal family and the aristocracy initially kept Siamese cats as a status symbol.

Scholars in Thailand have drawn and written extensively about the effect of the cat on Thai culture. A new aristocratic culture has emerged in Japan due to the cat.

In exchange for valuable goods, the wealthy and royalty would send Siamese cats as gifts to the leaders of other countries, therefore disseminating the cat’s genes throughout Asia, Eastern Europe, and even Africa.

Until about 600 years ago, purebred animals were a very uncommon sight. Today, you can find them all over the world.

In the United States, the Siamese is the 12th most popular cat breed. Mixed breeds with Siamese features are common in the pet industry.

Siamese Cats’ Physical Characteristics:

You will discuss the physical qualities of Siamese cats in this section. A cat’s appearance can tell you whether or not it is a Siamese.

This procedure is a pain in the neck for a mixed-breed Siamese cat. As a result, you can compare the features one by one and come to your conclusions.


It is well-known that Siamese cats have a characteristic point of colouring. Their primary body is a pale cream colour, but their tails, claws, and ears are darker.

“Points” refers to the dark areas on the light-colored body of the creature. To put it another way, cats of the Siamese breed are bred to have a dark spot on their coats.

Point-colored kittens are possible regardless of whether or not an automobile has a specific point in its coloration. It is conceivable due to the gene’s recessive nature.

As a result, you shouldn’t be too shocked if your cat’s coat coloration doesn’t match your expectations. It’ll imply that it has some Siamese ancestry.


One of the most distinguishing features of Siamese cats is their strikingly blue eyes. The hue of the eyes can range from a pale blue to a deep ocean blue. There are almond-shaped eyes, too.

You’ll need these two details to figure out the parentage of your Siamese/Siamese hybrid cat. Cats with green or brown eyes are not Siamese cats.


Traditional Siamese cats and modern Siamese cats are two different breeds. Cats of the conventional Siamese breed have a distinct triangular shape to their heads, whereas those of the modern Siamese breed have a more rounded, more wedge-shaped shape. If your cat has an oddly shaped head, there is a good chance it is a Siamese.

Body Shape

The Siamese cat’s particular body shape can also aid you in this situation. Cats of today’s Siamese breed have slender bodies and delicate necks.

In comparison to modern Siamese cats, traditional Siamese cats have thicker coats. Looking at pictures of Siamese cats might give you a better notion of the differences between them.

how to tell if your cat is part siamese

How to Tell if Your Cat Is Part Siamese

A Siamese mix is likely if your cat has blue eyes or pointed colouring. Other telltale signs are their slender build, trapezoidal cranium, and almond-shaped eyes.

It’s also worth noting that Siamese cats are known for their affectionate natures and their tendency to be louder than other cats. All these characteristics, however, may not be conclusive.

DNA testing is the most accurate method for identifying if your cat is a Siamese, and it can also reveal other fascinating information about your cat’s ancestry!

Is This Kitten A Siamese? How Do You Tell?

It’s challenging to identify what breed a kitten is if you adopt it when they are a baby. If you have a cat, the easiest way to tell if it’s a Siamese is to look at its coat. Siamese cats are not born with their final coat colour, thus glancing at your kitten’s coat will not help you identify its parentage.

Pure white coats are standard on all Siamese kittens at birth. Adulthood is when the dark spots on their faces and paws develop. Only their beautiful blue eyes have remained constant since birth. Enzyme-sensitive pigmentation occurs on the colder sections of Siamese cats’ bodies, whereas white fur remains on warmer areas.

Siamese cats can have different colours depending on the climate where they dwell. As cats age, the environment in which they live affects the colour of their fur.

How to Tell if a Siamese Cat Has Tabby Points?

Tripes cover the cheeks, eyes, and limbs of the tabby-pointed Siamese. Long tail and differently colored bands on the body distinguish this species. The tabby develops a darker coat and a body form similar to the Siamese cat.

It is possible to have tabby Siamese tabbies in a wide range of hues, from chocolate and seal to lilac and blue. Like the Siamese, this breed has blue eyes and triangle ears.

The stripes on their faces outline the color of their ears. The cats are likewise bright and loyal like the Siamese, and they are the ideal pets you can maintain if you enjoy friendly cats because they love to play. However, unlike other dog breeds, the tabby is not confined to a single area.

This Breed Has Three Distinct Varieties

#1) Traditional Siamese

A direct import from Thailand is the only way to get this dog. This Siamese cat is much larger than the others. Compared to the other cat breeds of the same species, these cats have round and apple-shaped heads with rounder eyes.

#2) Classic old-style Siamese

The Thai cat was a common breed in the 1950s and 1960s. These cats are lean and strong, with slightly wedge-shaped heads and faces. Both their tails and legs are significantly longer than the average species.

#3) Modern Siamese

Cat shows and registries frequently include this type of cat, referred to as “exotic.” It has a head and face that are shaped like a wedge. Tails that resemble whips end in long, floppy ears.

Siamese Cat Size and Weight

Siamese cats can weigh anything from 8 to 12 pounds, on average. It places them in the middle of the pack for cat sizes. If your cat is vast, they may have some Siamese ancestry.

Siamese cats may appear smaller than other cat breeds due to their lack of fluffy coats. Cats with shorter hair, like the Siamese, tend to shed less than cats with longer hair, which is a practical reason why they’re famous.

It’s good news that is grooming Siamese cats are more accessible due to their shorter coats. A trip to the groomer isn’t necessary for this breed.

Since they’re so slender, Siamese cats move with grace and agility. The long, slim legs of the Siamese cat are another distinguishing characteristic. Because of their long legs, Siamese cats may appear taller than other cat breeds.

FAQs – How to Tell if Your Cat Is Part Siamese

Can a cat look Siamese but not be?

However, the Ragdoll cat’s resemblance to the Siamese breed ends there. Ragdoll cats, in contrast to Siamese cats, are quiet and affectionate.

What is a Siamese mix cat?

It has been estimated that the Siamese mix cat has been around for over a thousand years. When they were first bred in Thailand, they were utilized as a temple protector because of their sacred nature. The Siamese cat was also presented to the royal family as an exotic gift.

Are all white cats part Siamese?

Cat nose, ears, paws, and tails are the most prevalent places for pigment on Siamese cats. Most Siamese kittens have their distinguishing markings within the first few weeks of life.

Are Siamese cats expensive?

The average cost of a Siamese kitten is between $600-$800. However, if you want a Siamese cat with notable traits, you should expect to pay between $1000-$2,500, depending on the breeder.


How to Tell if Your Cat Is Part Siamese?” is a question that many users have asked, and I hope that you will now have a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Compare your cat’s characteristics to the ones listed above, and if they are a close match, there is a probability that your cat is part Siamese or part Persian.

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