How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful? Complete Guide

How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful
How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful

If you haven’t spayed your female cat, and you’re afraid she’ll become pregnant, you could be asking this question “How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful?”. You may also want to know if you’re expecting any kittens if you have both male and female cats in your home.

The fact that your female cat is pregnant after a while is sure proof that your cats have mated. Cats’ “amorous” behavior might tell you when they’re ready to mate, as well. Having mating does not guarantee having a baby.

Here, we’ll go over the various cat behaviors that can tell you if they’ve mated or are in the process of mating. In addition, we’ll discuss the cat mating and conception procedure.

Spaying a female cat may be an option for cat owners concerned about its health. To learn more about what you can do, keep reading this article on How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful?.

Cats’ Heat Cycles

There are a lot of fascinating aspects to the reproductive lives of cats. A female kitten can be a mother as early as three and a half months old. It is all that is required. 

Most cats wait until they are six months old before having kittens on average. Before the age of three months, you should spay your cat if you don’t intend to breed it.

The first heat cycle, or estrus, occurs when your cat reaches the age of mating maturity. It is the time of year when Kitty opens to mate. 

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Estradiol, a kind of estrogen, will be produced in her ovary by her body. A cat’s excrement may contain a tiny amount of blood, but this isn’t always the case.

Intense devotion is one evident symptom that a cat is in heat. Cats like to rub their hindquarters against people, plush animals, and even furniture. 

Another standard sign of a cat in heat is excessive grooming, especially extensive licking of the genital area. Other indicators include:

  • A loud mating cry.
  • A loss of appetite.
  • An urgent demand to leave the house if no males are present.

Is My Cat Ready to Mate?

Spaying a female cat when she’s six months old is generally recommended by many people. In reality, this is just a myth because the timing of a female cat’s first heat varies depending on the cat’s breed.

External elements such as the climate in which you live are also essential to keep in mind.

However, a kitten’s first heat may generally occur as early as four and a half months of age. The sooner you get your female cat spayed, the less likely kitty is to breed.

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In addition, don’t anticipate your female cat’s first heat to go away on its own. The mating will continue regardless of whether or not it resulted in a fetus. When it comes to your female cat’s ability to mate, you have to keep in mind that her estrus is a factor.

Signs of a Successful Mating

When it comes to felines, mating isn’t always successful. Ovulation can be forced, which increases a kitty’s chances of getting pregnant dramatically. A few of the tell-tale indications to know about How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful?.

How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful

Swollen Abdomen

After 26 to 35 days of pregnancy, even your veterinarian may not be able to tell for sure if your cat is pregnant.

You can detect pregnancy via ultrasound or a physical examination of the uterus. In the uterus, you can feel a string of pearls.

The burro-shaped abdomen will form. During your cat’s relaxation, you should be able to feel the tiny fetuses kitty carrying after about 20 days of pregnancy. When pressing on her belly, be careful not to injure her or inadvertently trigger an abortion.

No More Heat

When you observe that your cat no longer goes into estrus, it’s a good sign that she’s pregnant. If the mating was successful or didn’t mate at all, a female cat often goes into heat again after 10 to 21 days. 

For example, if you see your cat becoming more affectionate and grooming itself more frequently, you know that it is in heat. 

Pregnancy is a possibility if you notice your unspayed cat spending a lot of time grooming her private parts, rubbing her hindquarters against things, and searching for a way out.

Motherly Behaviour

Motherly behavior in cats is an effective mating indicator. Think about how much more affectionate the kitty becomes when she starts stroking herself.

The Nipple’s Pinking

The color of a cat’s nipple changes when she is pregnant. Your cat’s nipples will turn pink or crimson within two or three weeks of successful mating.

They will also appear to be more significant. If your cat is long-haired, you’ll need to get up and personal to see the color shift. Cats with huge nipples may also be in heat, so be aware of this. To be assured that she is pregnant, keep an eye out for changes in her skin tone.

Sudden Need to Escape

Having no male cat around or separating your male cat from your unspayed female cat can lead to this problem. Your female cat’s urgent need to flee is caused by her instincts to find a mate.

Previously, your indoor cat’s laziness would keep him confined to one spot for long periods. During the climax of her reproductive cycle, she is likely to seek out potential suitors in and around your home.

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It’s possible to keep your female cat from running away once she exhibits the other characteristics we’ve described. Playing with your cat can also be an excellent way to divert your cat’s attention.

Sickness in the Early Morning

After successful mating, the queen may refuse to eat or begin vomiting. Pregnant cats are more prone to this problem. You should call a veterinarian if the vomiting does not go away after a few days.

In addition, her underarms show signs of temperature swings. Pregnancy often results in a reduction in body temperature.

An average temperature shift is required. If your pet’s temperature drops and rises regularly, you should always take them to the vet.


The great majority of pregnant female cats experience morning sickness. Vomiting and nausea are common symptoms of morning sickness. The surge of hormones is to blame for her erratic behavior. 

Be prepared to have kittens running around soon if your cat is vomiting more than usual and showing other signs of pregnancy. Vomiting in pets is not a reason for alarm, just as it is not in humans. 

Even so, if this happens frequently, you may want to visit your veterinarian.

Will Become Overweight

Your cat will gain 2 to 4 pounds in total when the mating is confirmed to be a success. Weight growth in the abdomen alone is not enough to account for this increase in size.

Expanded Abdomen

Pregnancy might cause your cat to lose its appetite and become lethargic. Your cat should have a swollen tummy around five weeks after mating. 

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Her liter will have grown large enough to be visible on her abdomen by then. She may be overweight, but the big tummy makes it clear she’s pregnant.

Adopting New Routines

When a successful mating has occurred, you may notice that your cat is sleeping more and behaving more friendly towards you. Kitty, try harder to get your attention. It would help if you devoted yourself entirely to her.

You may notice that your cat has less energy and less willingness to move. Alternatively, Kitty could be bouncing around on the floor and yelping incessantly. In addition, mood changes are sometimes noticeable.

What Happens During Mating?

How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful

Your female cat may still be able to get out of your house, despite your best efforts. What’s going to happen next? After finding a suitable mate, she will display a unique posture to identify her new love interest. Their vulva is exposed in this position, which is comparable to how they mark their territory.

It is done so that the male cat’s penis can pass through. The male cat’s turn is to mount and hold the female cat by biting the kitty’s neck.

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Cats use this biting action to assure their female cat’s cooperation, and it also helps to stimulate the female’s region of the brain responsible for inducing ovulation.

The male cat will remove its penis once the mating is over. Female cats are more likely to scream when they are taken away from their mother. Although it isn’t clear yet, the male cat’s barbed penis may be to blame for this scream.

FAQs – How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful? 

How many times does a cat have to mate to get pregnant?

To put it another way, the act of mating causes ovaries to release eggs. It is the case with cats. For ovulation to occur, most females need three to four matings within 24 hours. Cats can mate numerous times in a short amount of time, and it just takes a few seconds for a cat to mate.

Is it possible for a cat not to get pregnant after mating?

A variety of factors can cause cat infertility. Inability to get pregnant or bring the baby to term is among the most common reasons for infertility in women. Cats may experience aberrant reproductive cycles, or they may not mate at all, depending on the circumstances. It can happen for a multitude of reasons.

How can I tell how many weeks pregnant my cat is?

By Using ultrasonography, some veterinarians may tell if a cat is pregnant as early as 15 days into her pregnancy. Additionally, the vet may provide some insight into the expected litter size at 40 days gestation.


To get your cat pregnant, it will need to mate 10-20 times with other cats. Make sure your cat receives enough to eat and drink enough water if you discover that they are pregnant. To ensure that the female cat gets all the nutrition she needs, feed her kitten chow.

Cats may not utilize the box you offer them when they are about to give birth, but you shouldn’t be astonished if they do. On the day of the delivery, you’ll be able to tell if they’re having contractions. Begin providing all of your cat’s emotional and sometimes physical assistance as soon as you notice this symptom on their body.

If you have any more questions about How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful? please post them in the comments area below.

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