why do some cats poop in the bathtub

How to Stop My Cat From Pooping in the Bathtub? Easy Guide

If your cat has suddenly stopped using its litter box and begun pooping in the shower, bathtub, or sink for reasons that aren’t obvious, you’ll want to know why your cat is doing this & How to Stop My Cat From Pooping in the Bathtub?

The situation is getting so terrible that it’s no longer possible to remain safe. Making the litter box more appealing and changing the decor in your bathroom may help you stop your cat from doing this.

Underlying health disorders might cause litter box troubles, stress, the surroundings, or a mix of these. Feline bathroom habit differs from cat to cat. Taking some time to assess your cat’s emotional and physical well-being can help you identify the issue and the most effective solution.

Cat Poop in the Tub: What’s Going On?

It is common for cats to defecate outside of their litter box for one of three reasons:

  • Something about their litter box makes them avoid going in there.
  • It comes down to concerns with behaviour (of which there will be triggers)
  • An illness has afflicted them
  • For each of these possible causes, here is how to deal with it:

Reasons Why Do Some Cats Poop in the Bathtub?

For a variety of reasons, cats stop using their litter boxes. It would help if you tried to figure out why your cat is behaving in this manner:

It Isn’t Spotless Enough

If you neglect their litter box for one day, your cat will go elsewhere. They may start pooping in the bathtub unless you return them to their clean, sanitary box.

They’ve Grown Out of It

Is the litter box you used when they were kittens still in use? When it comes to cats, their boxes should be at least one-and-a-half times their size.

They Are Bothered by the Place

Another thing that you may never have changed, but your cat has suddenly taken problem with is this. Is their box located in a secluded area? When it comes to choosing a site, you should prioritize the demands of your customers.

Litter Annoys Them

When cats suddenly stop using the litter they’ve been using for years, it’s not uncommon. One of the first things you should do is experiment with different litters. Please choose something a little less obnoxious and scented.

How to Stop My Cat From Pooping in the Bathtub

After reading through this article, your cat may be pooping in the tub for various reasons, most of which are clear to you. Despite this, you should still read this section because it will provide you with fresh perspectives on the subject.

How to Stop My Cat From Pooping in the Bathtub

Litter Box Changes

You can improve the situation by making minor adjustments to the litter box itself. Create another litter box for your cat, preferably in a different room. Weekly cleaning and daily emptying of the pet litter box are recommended minimums for keeping them clean. 

Use a larger litter box to encourage your cat to use it regularly. To establish the size of the litter box, consider the weight and height of the cat, not the placement of the litter box. It would help if you got a box that is roughly 1 1/2 times the size of your pet.

Precautions to Keep in Mind

You should keep litter boxes away from food and water bowls. Don’t use any high-tech litter boxes or coverings! Cats can be frightened by lights and automatic motions, and a closed box can make them feel confined.

Cats that are afraid of the litter box can avoid using it. In the restroom, keep your cat out of it at all times. It’s not a good look to observe using the bathroom, even if cats use it occasionally.

Deter Your Cat From Entering the Tub

Add water to the tub to keep your cat from defecating in it. Most domestic cats dislike water and getting their paws wet while taking a bowel movement is not something they will look forward to.

In the end, it’s more important to figure out why your cat is attempting to urinate in the tub in the first place. It’s possible that if you don’t do this, your cat will refuse to use the litter box and instead poop on your bed or elsewhere in the house. There is no doubt about that.

Environmental Changes

A very small amount of water should be poured into the sink or the tub. To keep your cat from getting into the tub or sink, you can use this water. Try a new detergent brand. Certain types of material, odour, or other characteristics may not appeal to some cats.

As a precaution, if you are afraid that your cat may be bored, make sure you have a variety of toys available to keep him occupied and cognitively stimulated.

Make an Appointment with the Veterinarian

Make an appointment with the veterinarian if you feel that your cat is ill.

Bring a sample of your cat’s faeces to your veterinarian to aid in diagnosis. The vet could get one on their own, but you can make things easier for your cat (and the vet) if you take the lead.

In addition, because the excrement is still warm from the tub, it will be easy to gather. Pinch a cube-sized sample from an inverted plastic bag, then reverse the bag. Voila!

That’s excellent if your cat is in good health. The vet may be able to shed light on your cat’s potty issues if you take advantage of the time.

Why Does My Cat Spend So Much Time in the Bathtub?

On a hot summer day, cats like to cool down in the bathtub. Having walls around the tub provides a sense of safety and privacy in the bathroom (please read here why is my cat licking the wall). When your cat is terrified of anything, it feels like a fortress. The tub’s depth makes it an ideal hiding spot.

On the other hand, Cats enjoy the bathroom since it’s a great place to play. There are toilet paper rolls to unroll, a shower curtain to climb, a sink to wash your hands with, and other items to hurl to the ground.

Cats, on the other hand, find locked doors fascinating. Even if the door is locked, your cat would be curious to discover what’s behind it.

Is it possible that cats poop because they are enraged?

Not at all. Cats don’t have the mental capacity to deal with complex emotions like spite. The reason your cat defecated in your bathtub isn’t retaliation. 

The best way to deal with your cat’s bad behaviour is to go to the root of it. You’ll be able to fix it immediately away from this way.

FAQs – How to Keep Cat Out of Bathtub

What smells deter cats from pooping?

Citrus, pepper, and various essential oils, such as lavender and citronella, deter cats from urinating. Garden with plants that cats despise, such as Coleus Canina and Catmint.

Why is my cat pooping next to the litter box?

Change is a common cause for a cat to urinate outside the litter box. As creatures of habit, cats may have difficulties adjusting to a new home, a new placement for the litter box, a new litter box, or a different type of litter.

Does bleach stop cats from pooping?

Bleach is poisonous and repulsive to the human nose. Citrus-scented bleach has the bonus of also smelling like bleach, which is a real treat. Bleach hasn’t been shown to discourage cats from defecating in your garden, so you’ll have to use other methods to keep them away.


After reading this beneficial information on How to Stop My Cat From Pooping in the Bathtub, Hopefully, your cat’s behaviour will be clearer to you. If your cat is pooping in the tub for any reason, there are several easy fixes. 

Most likely, their litter or litterbox has startled or offended them somehow, or they dislike the design of the litterbox and the variety of litter. It’s a straightforward problem to fix. If none of these suggestions works, you’ll need to take your cat to the veterinarian for an examination.

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