How to Stop Cat From Spilling Water Bowl

How to Stop Cat From Spilling Water Bowl? Step by Step

You may have searched for “How to Stop Cat From Spilling Water Bowl” in a frenzy because your feline furkid seems to drink more from the floor than the bowl itself. Not only are you & not the only one struggling with this problem right now!

Cats overflowing their water dishes is a major source of pet parent angst, which is understandable considering that you’re the one who has to mop up the mess. And the worst part is when it spills over into a nearby bowl and spoils the cat food you’ve spent a lot of time picking out for them.

It’s wonderful to know that, just like the best cat food dish can make mealtime easier and stop food from flying, there are plenty of foolproof ways to keep your cat’s water bowl (and its contents) securely in place.

Why Does My Cat Spill Her Water

One of the main challenges in preventing your cat from spilling water in its bowl is that cats tend to do it for a variety of different reasons. 

However, in my experience, determining why your cat is drenching itself in water is rather straightforward. Furthermore, figuring out the root cause makes it much easier to develop a workable solution.

Because cats have a hard time getting to the water, this is the most common reason why they spill it. In general, cats dislike bowls that are too narrow or deep. 

Supposedly, this happens because of a cat’s incredibly sensitive whiskers rubbing against the bowl’s edge, irritating. 

As a result, cats may try to splash the water around or even topple the dish over to better view the food.

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More aggravating is that some cats enjoy splashing about in it. Splashing or moving around water is an enjoyable pastime that they like playing with. 

Some behavioral specialists believe cats are drawn to moving water because they are inherently drawn to it, and therefore they make an effort to generate it themselves. Your cat’s mischievousness may be to blame.

When a cat spills water from its bowl, it’s usually doing it to convey its dissatisfaction. As a result, if the water bowl is not in an ideal location, if it is not appealing to the cat, or if Kitty is irritated in any other manner, the feline may refuse to drink from it.

How to Stop Cat From Spilling Water Bowl?

When your cat accidentally spills her water bowl, it could be as exciting to her as a high-speed automobile pursuit for you. You may take a few simple things to prevent your cat’s watery antics and keep your floor dry. Follow my step-by-step guide to know How to Stop Cat From Spilling Water Bowl?

How to Stop Cat From Spilling Water Bowl

Step 1

Cats don’t like bowls that are too deep or narrow because their whiskers scrape against the sides when they put their heads in. 

To avoid scraping his sensitive whiskers while drinking from the water dish, the kitty may have knocked it over. A broad aperture in the bottom of the bowl makes it more difficult for him to tip it over, making it more comfortable for him as well. 

It’s even better if you choose a bowl that’s heavy enough that the kitty can’t easily tip it over, like glass or ceramic.

Step 2

You should make sure the kitty has access to clean water at least once every day. The last thing you’d want to do is drink water that’s been sitting out for days, and neither would your cat, so the kitty may be spilling the dish to get you to refill it with fresh water. It doesn’t matter when it comes to how much the kitty drinks or doesn’t drink.

Step 3

Every day, spend time with your child. Because cats lack a lot of ways to keep themselves occupied, spilling his water dish could be as thrilling as it gets if you don’t play with him. 

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Do something fun, like play with your cat or give him a new toy, to keep him from thinking water-splashing is as dumb as it is.

Changing Stressful Situations

Stressful situations can be difficult to handle. A board-certified veterinary behaviorist can help you identify the problem and work with you to address the issue if you can’t figure it out on your own. In the interim, here are a few water bowl-specific tips and tricks:

  • You can show your cat the water in your bathtub or shower by putting a bowl in there and letting it drink from it. Using incentives and praise, you can train your cat to play with water bowls inside the shower, where spilling will not be an issue.
  • Are changing your cat’s water at least once a day is a good rule of thumb. Ice cubes can help keep the water cool, but some cats may regard the cubes as toys and play with their water even more if they see them as a form of entertainment.
  • Consider using non-spill water bottles for guinea pigs or other tiny animals as an option.
  • The water in a fountain-style water bowl will always be fresh because it has a constant water flow.

How Often Should I Clean My Cat’s Water Bowl?

Cats, like people, require plenty of water to stay hydrated and maintain healthy joints. Your cat may show signs of dehydration, such as dry gums and skin, sunken eyes, or lethargy if you don’t change its water enough.

You should replace your cat’s water at least once a day to keep him healthy and prevent him from acting out through his water dish.

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Make sure to keep in mind that if your cat is very picky, you’ll need to do so twice daily. Microbes from your cat’s saliva can contaminate the water your cat consumes, leading to the growth of harmful germs in the bowl. 

Keeping the bowl free of bacteria is critical since it can cause illness. At least once a week, scrub the kitty bowl with hot, soapy water and dry it before replacing it with fresh water.

FAQs – How to Stop Cat From Spilling Water Bowl

Why do cats splash water out of the bowl?

Cats frequently engage in pawing, playing, and sprinkling water. Cats have a natural tendency to bring their prey back to their designated territory rather than consume it right away. You may have moved the water bowl for the same purpose. They may be unhappy with the location of the bowl.

Why does my cat dip her paw in water before drinking?

A cat checks the water level by dipping her paw in it before drinking. Changing the level of the bowl’s water can cause this problem. Make sure to maintain a constant water level over time and when replenishing the water supply. Cats are creatures of habit and routine.

Why does my cat scratch the floor before drinking water?

Cats and small dogs may paw or scratch the floor before or after eating or drinking, as though they are digging or excavating something. Even enormous cats have this impulse, and it is a good indicator that your pet is feeling at home in your house.


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