How to Stop Cat From Attacking Toilet Paper? Easy Guide

how to make a toilet paper roll cover
How to Stop Cat From Attacking Toilet Paper

Cats are inherently inquisitive creatures. If they’re bored, they’ll investigate every nook and cranny of your home. They may get into some serious trouble because of this.

As an illustration, If you returned home to find your living room floor covered in a shredded paper towel, with your cat Grumpy staring at you with big eyes as though shocked he just got caught!

The thrill of unwinding toilet paper is still a mystery to your kitties, which is a blessing. I’d be pleased to help you with How to Stop Cat From Attacking Toilet Paper? in this article.

Cats Destroy Toilet Paper for What Purposes?

A toilet paper roll can keep a cat amused for hours. Cats love to play with toilet paper that they’ve stolen from the bathroom.

The use of toilet paper by humans is a mystery to cats. Cats use a litter box for defecating and grooming themselves. As a result, there is no need for toilet paper. 

There is an additional layer of mysticism when you keep toilet paper in the bathroom. Access to this room is frequently restricted by you closing the door.

Cats enjoy playing with toilet paper because it awakens their natural hunting instincts. The fluttering and moving toilet paper will draw a cat’s attention. It will result in the toilet roll unraveling. The cat will rip it to shreds as soon as this happens.

In some circumstances, the cat will react protectively. The cat will attack if it doesn’t grasp what toilet paper is for. Perfumed paper is more likely to get this reaction. A bright white piece of paper may also pique a cat’s interest.

Intuitions for Hunting

Wild impulses rule the lives of all cats, even those kept indoors. The desire to hunt is at the top of the list. According to research conducted by both humans and nature, domestic cats are just as prone as wild cats to engage in hunting behavior.

Because it is so malleable, toilet paper piques a cat’s interest in hunting. When there’s a breeze, it’ll flutter. You will immediately draw a cat’s attention to this movement. The toilet roll will be seen as prey by the cat. Then comes the stalking, hunting, and catching.

It’s only a matter of time before the cat pounces on the roll of toilet paper. It is done by snatching the toilet paper from the floor and grabbing it by the paws. The cats will begin to rip from here, and they may do it frantically.

The cat enjoys this because it creates noise. As a bonus, it also mimics an essential aspect of hunting itself. Skin is torn from the bone when a cat kills a prey item. The prey animal’s ‘meat’ is now more accessible. To remove the toilet paper’s outer layer, the cat has begun.

Digging is another instinct that cats have, but it’s not as powerful. Cats can be natural diggers in some cases. Shredding materials can sate this urge. It’s not uncommon for cats to like tearing up paper or cardboard. Soft toilet paper makes it easier to use.


When you’re out of the house, your cat will engage in specific activities, such as tearing up the toilet paper. In some cases, cat owners mistakenly believe that their pet is harming them because of boredom. 

According to Cornell University, many damaging actions are “often part of the normal investigation and play”. When you’re at home, boredom might creep in, so make time each day to play with your cat.

Soft Material

Comfort-seeking is an instinct for many cats. Cats love to curl up on the softest pillow in the home and unwind. It also relates to playing a game of shredding. Under a cat’s paws, toilet paper is silky and pleasant.

A cat’s natural tendency is to claw and damage things. A scratching post is a necessity for this very reason. The pain of coarse materials can be excruciating, especially for older cats. The texture of toilet tissue is much better. Let your cat shred the toilet paper to keep your carpet from becoming scratched.


Cats have been known to form nests out of the sponginess of toilet paper. Cats who don’t have a place to call home are more likely to engage in this behavior. 

The cat will inevitably create its haven if it doesn’t already have one. If you throw away this toilet paper, you should expect an adverse reaction.

If your cat is a female, be on the lookout for any toilet paper shredding and transporting to her bed. Pregnant queens are known to engage in this type of activity. In preparation for her imminent litter of kittens, your cat is creating a cozy, comfortable haven for them in your home.

How to Stop Cat From Attacking Toilet Paper

If your cat is determined to get its paws on toilet paper, it will likely succeed. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent your cat from destroying your toilet paper:

How to Stop Cat From Attacking Toilet Paper

Regularly engage in playful activities with your cat.

Playing with your cat daily will ensure that if you remove the toilet paper from their reach, they’ll find something else to play with.

There is a good chance that rowdy cat behavior arises because they are bored. It’s more likely that they’ll make their fun if they don’t have any other toys or if you don’t play with them. Who are we to judge them?

Toilet paper holder that is safe for cats to use

Using a cat-print cover on your toilet roll holder is a sure way to get your cat’s attention!

It is a famous cover among cat owners who are fascinated with shredding (and sometimes eating) toilet paper.

With some velcro straps, it can be attached to your toilet roll holder and leave your cat looking bewildered when they try to find the roll of paper.

A few pointers: Make sure your holder’s proportions are appropriate before purchase, and if you don’t like the cat print in the image, peruse the rest of the designs.

Provide a Variety of Toys

Boredom is the most common cause of your cat tearing up toilet paper. Give children a range of toys to play with on their own to remedy this problem.

In addition to interacting with your cat daily, this should assist in resolving the issue. Playing with catnip-filled catnip-filled catnip toys is better than playing with toilet paper!

Toys like toilet paper may also be of interest. If your cat has plastic bells to roll about the floor with, perhaps a plush toy would be more comfortable for their paws.

In some cases, it may be necessary to place the toilet paper in an area where your cat can’t get to it so that they can’t unroll it.


Redirecting your cat’s attention is an excellent technique to break up a romance between cats and toilet paper. Even if they’re adults, kittens can still benefit from this kind of guidance. 

Redirecting your cat’s attention is an excellent technique to correct their bad habits while simultaneously reinforcing their good ones, such as attacking a catnip mouse or hitting a toy bird with a stick.

Cats unrolling toilet paper is amusing, but it’s also wasteful because they’re wasting paper. You should not use the toilet paper remains since they are polluted with cat saliva and fur, particles of cat litter, and who knows what other visible and invisible pathogens. 

You should also not recycle toilet paper. There is a way to salvage some of that time. Boredom-busting activities for your cat, such as a cat food puzzle or a homemade cat toy, can be made from the now-empty toilet paper tube.

Offer Scratching Posts

Scratching is a possible side effect of your cat tearing up toilet paper. Scratching is an instinct for cats, so don’t expect them to stop at some point.

Scratching posts about the house may be an effective solution to the problem. You can sprinkle catnip on the post if you’d want to install one in the bathroom.

The new scratching post may serve as a helpful deterrent since they will certainly select it over the boring old scratching post if given a choice!

Closing the toilet door

I’m going to presume that you’ve already come up with this approach, but it’s not functioning for some reason.

Others may be doing the same. People will understand if you post a courteous note explaining why it must remain closed.

Hang the Roll After Squeezing It

Squeezing the roll will cause the cardboard beneath it to become round. Because of the edges you’ve created, it won’t unravel as rapidly, which may be less fun for your cat.

Use a rubber band

You can prevent your cat from unraveling your toilet paper by wrapping a rubber band around it. You and your family may also find this inconvenient.

Is Toilet Paper Safe for Cats?

Cats may use toilet paper without fear of harm. While shredding the paper, You will not damage your cat’s claws. Despite this, you should exercise caution when allowing your cat to play around.

Your cat may experience an allergic response if you shred toilet paper. You may trigger allergies if the paper includes fragrances or other substances.

To see if toilet paper is to blame, give your cat a simple, unscented piece of toilet paper. Theoretically, the cat will enjoy pulling this apart just as much as you do. It was probably toilet paper if your cat doesn’t react to the tissue.

Cats that like shredding play may enjoy an occasional reward of tissues. However, do not let your cat consume tissues. Toilet paper is a lot thicker than most of them. The accumulation of tissue may cause intestinal obstruction.

FAQs – How to Stop Cat From Attacking Toilet Paper

Is it bad for cats to eat toilet paper?

Paper-eating cats aren’t uncommon. That appeal is most likely due to the paper’s scent, texture, or sound. Cats are not at risk of eating small amounts of shredded paper regularly.

How long can a cat live with an intestinal blockage?

A pet with total obstruction may likely die within three to four days if left untreated. The symptoms of a partial obstruction are less severe and more sporadic. However, if the animal continues to drink, it could live for up to four weeks. Diagnostic imaging is commonly used to identify foreign entities.


In the hope, you have learned How to Stop Cat From Attacking Toilet Paper and why cats play with toilet paper? Playing with toilet paper may indicate that your cat is bored or has run out of things to destroy.

Take advantage of their enthusiasm in the bathroom by playing with them more. Invest in a cat tree, place a few fun items around the house, and spray honeysuckle and catnip on their favourite playthings.

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