How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet?

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how to keep cat out of bassinet

How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet? As a parent, it’s essential to set boundaries for your child. Having them is good for your health, regular, and essential. It’s only natural that your Cat would be curious about your newly constructed bassinet.

Your baby’s safety is jeopardized if there are cats in the bassinet. Infants are particularly vulnerable to disease because they are still in the early stages of development. Even a vaccinated and well-groomed pet can pose a risk to your child’s health because their immune system is still developing.

With its tiny and stylish design, as well as its capacity to carry a child’s weight of up to 15 pounds, the bassinet is ideal for new parents. As a result, the risk of the bassinet collapsing under pressure increases if a pet is present in the bassinet.

For what reasons do cats prefer to sleep in a bassinet?

Because cats are social creatures, they are drawn to bassinets.

We can conclude that they share our need for meaningful connections with others. As a result, they use the bassinet to interact with the baby.

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Aside from the fact that cats are naturally curious, you’ll discover them sniffing, sniffing, and sniffing their surroundings. Consequently, if you find your Cat clambering into the cradle of your infant, they’re only curious about what’s within.

Why You Must Keep Your Cat Out Of Your Baby’s Bassinet

Sleep-related deaths kill roughly 3,500 infants each year, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), unexplained deaths, and accidental suffocation or strangling are all examples of these variables.

Pets, especially cats, should be kept away from children for a variety of reasons, some of which are as follows:

  • By licking your baby’s face, they can spread germs.
  • There are times when cats will try to sit on your baby’s face in his cot, which could prevent him from breathing.
  • Cats, in particular, are known for their stubbornness. They may lash out or become abrasive.
  • It is possible that your newborn could be exposed to harmful allergies and germs from a cat.

How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet?

Use a deterrent, such as an anti-scalding spray, to keep your cat from getting into the crib. Keep the Cat away from a baby’s bassinet or even their bedroom with these tips.

More strategies can assist you to attain your goal, as well. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

how to keep cat out of bassinet

The bassinet should be closed from the top.

Start with a canopy-equipped bassinet for your new arrival. Using this strategy, you may ensure that your child isn’t exposed to any light that could make it difficult for him to sleep.

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As a bonus, canopy attachments shield your child from pesky insects and other animals. To keep your pet from trying to snuggle with him, keep this canopy shut.

A Screen Door Is a Necessity.

It will be easier on your Cat if they can see the baby from a distance, so make sure they’re there.

With a screen door placed in the nursery, you won’t have to worry about your Cat getting into the crib. It is the most excellent way to avoid the dangers of crib nets.

Keep Your Cat Moving All Day Long

Another way to keep a cat out of the bassinet is to use this approach. A new toy will keep your Cat busy and prevent it from becoming too curious about your newborn.

Here are a few tips for keeping your Cat occupied during the day:

  • Cats love to climb and perch, so stock up on cat trees and condos.
  • With the help of leashes, teach your dog to perform agility training
  • Have them forage for food.
  • You can use cat toys with remote control.

Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom with Cat Furniture

Instead of evicting your Cat from your baby’s nursery, why did you add some new furnishings specifically for your feline friend?

There is nothing more appealing to a cat than curling up in a warm, soft place to sleep. Because nothing is more delicate and cosier than a newborn baby’s skin, cats like to sleep with them.

As a result, they won’t try to get into your baby’s bed if they have their bed. To ensure that the baby is safe, you can keep your pet cat in the same room as the baby.

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The Cat will know precisely where it can and cannot go if it has its furniture. Additionally, you may use several furniture items to keep your cat entertained and happy.

Invest in a pet crate.

Cats love spending time with their owners, so consider establishing a large pet cage in the nursery. To keep your pet from wandering, you should install a door and a barrier of some kind. There should still be enough room for your Cat to run and play.

Keep an Eye on Your Child

Even if your child is awake and playing alone, a baby monitor is an excellent way to keep an eye on them.

What your baby is doing and whether or not they are alone are shown to me through my baby monitor. Cats, especially mine, are known for their ability to rapidly and quietly move around the house undetected.

You can use a baby monitor to keep tabs on your cat when you’re out of the house. Assuming this is true, you can determine a safe separation distance between the baby.

If you see a disruption on the monitor and need to intervene, you can do so. You’ll be able to get to the baby’s room quickly if that’s the case.

The Foil Trick

I’m speechless at how nicely this works. After using it, some of my friends reported that their cats no longer returned to their bassinets.

Cover the mattress portion of the bassinet with aluminium foil when your infant is not in the bassinet. You’ll be shocked at how frightened your Cat is and how quickly he jumps out. Just let him do it a few times, and he’ll get the hang of it. My baby’s bassinet is now litter-free!

Make the Crib Less Appealing

Before the baby’s arrival, you can place uncomfortable or noisy items in the crib’s mattress. Every time your cat enters the room, you’ll meet them with jarring noises and no space to rest their paws.

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Once they realize the crib isn’t the best place for a nap, they’ll leave your child alone when you bring her home.

Reward-Based Strategy

As soon as you find your Cat in your baby’s bassinet, you’re likely to want to get rid of the Cat and take it somewhere else.

When using this method, you must be cautious and determined. When your Cat eventually settles down in the correct spot, you can reward them with a treat or a toy. It will help your cat associate sleeping in the right position with goodies if you continue to do so.

It’s essential to avoid these three things.

If you’re a cat owner or a child, you’ve probably tried a variety of approaches without realizing the potential risks. If these techniques are not adequately understood, both the Cat and the newborn are at risk.

#1) Crib Nets

Even though these gadgets appear to be the most obvious way to keep your Cat out of your baby’s crib, they pose a severe risk to your child. If your Cat is tampering with the cloth, it could fall into the crib and trap your infant, resulting in suffocation.

#2) Peppermint Oil

My mum advised me to use Peppermint oil on everything that belonged to my baby. Cats are correct! Peppermint oil, which can cause vomiting and pneumonia in cats, is hazardous.

#3) Excluding your Cat

Put yourself in your Cat’s shoes and see how these changes affect them. Even if a new baby brings out the worst in a cat, it should still be included in the family.

Rather than locking your Cat away from the infant, focus on controlled interactions between you and your pet.

FAQs – How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet?

How do I stop my cat from jumping on the bassinet?

The bedsheet camouflage can be omitted if Mr. Puss has no method of seeing into the bassinet before landing in it. Alternatively, a Scat Mat can be purchased that encircles the bassinet’s base like a moat, making it impossible for Mr. Puss to jump up.

How do I keep my Cat away from my sleeping baby?

You know your pet the best. A month before the baby arrives, put anything in the baby’s crib that the kitten will find distasteful. For example, you can protect a crib mattress and changing pad with a piece of cardboard taped to the back.

Can cats suffocate babies?

As some people believe, cats do not suck the air out of babies. Although cats are known for their love of snuggling, it is possible that they could accidentally suffocate a baby if they get too close.


If you’ve just taken your new baby home, it’s a good idea to set up a barrier around his cot or bassinet to keep cats and other creatures away. Even when your baby is sleeping, this provides his complete safety.

However, ensuring that your Cat does not get into your baby’s bassinet does not necessitate that you get rid of your Cat.

By following the above steps, you may keep the Cat away from the baby’s bassinet, which is excellent for those who want to enjoy life with both their new baby and their beloved Cat at the same time.

Let me know if I might be of any assistance in making your decision in the future after reading this post about How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet?

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