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How to Get My Cat to Leave My Blinds Alone? 9 Pro Methods

Blinds and cats don’t get along at all. It’s one of the strangest things that most cat owners notice since cats despise the arrogance of a set of blinds to obstruct their view of the outside world. 

Therefore, cats are not fond of being around blinds and claws & bite them until they see out the window. That’s why many cat owners are trying to find out How to Get My Cat to Leave My Blinds Alone on the internet. 

Producing pet owners is a real pain in the ass for interesting YouTube videos. It’s infuriating when a cat decides to destroy your expensive wooden blinds. There are times when it can cause blinds to malfunction because of the buildup of dust and other debris.

Why Does My Cat Destroy My Blinds?

Roller blinds that your cat has destroyed could be a result of several different things, including:

Cats and the World Around They Live

Even if they can’t access the prey, most cats like hunting for it outside; from the windowsill, they’re often snooping on birds and other tiny animals. 

When they’re not hunting, they’re curled up in a nice and sunny location to keep warm. Because they are in the way, window treatments can be a target for your cat’s wrath.

Cats in Action

Cats love to explore and learn new things when they are having fun. Cats can spend hours chasing bugs, scratching at surfaces, or using a laser pointer pointed at the ground. Cats don’t quit until the quest is won, even if window treatment cables present the obstacle.

Stress and Cats

Cats are known for their penchant for climbing, stretching, and digging their claws into whatever they can get their paws on. Your cat’s shoulder muscles relax, and extra energy is released due to scratching. 

Unfortunately, your cat doesn’t appreciate the fact that you care about the condition of your drapes and blinds. Your drapes, blinds, or shades often catch the brunt of the kitty’s energy when he tries to climb or when he has to let off steam.

How to Get My Cat to Leave My Blinds Alone

How to Get My Cat to Leave My Blinds Alone

Leaving the blinds open

Blinds make cats agitated. Despite their efforts, they cannot see outside due to the obstructive panels. It’s an easy fix if you raise your blinds to a height where most of your window is still covered, but a little area remains where your cat may perch and gaze out of.

Use a Deterrent on Them

To prevent your cats from scratching or climbing your blinds, use one of the many deterrent sprays on the market. Spraying cats with citrus is a natural approach that is quite successful because cats dislike the smell, and the spray itself does not leave an unpleasant odour.

Don’t Make It Easy for Your Cords to Be Accessed

Blind cords are a significant draw for cats, especially kittens because they’re a long piece of string they can play with. Keep the cables tucked up high and out of sight so kids can’t see them and don’t use them. A safety hook could also be installed so that the cats cannot play with any dangling cords.

Having a cat’s play area or scratch post can alleviate this problem, as chewing on blind cords indicates boredom and inactivity. To keep your cat from becoming bored, you can buy toys that are specifically made to engage with them.

Protect the Window Sill From Cats

Cats frequently damage blinds by scurrying past them to reach a window sill. Blinds get a lot of attention from cats since they’re a great place to watch the world go by.

The best approach to avoid this is to make the window sill unappealing to cats by installing cat-proofing. Using a little carpet that has been flipped over is a simple approach to keep cats away from the area.

Blinds That Don’t Block Out Light

Consider installing a different style of the blind if you require the blinds to be wholly lowered for privacy reasons. A wide choice of materials and techniques are available for window blinds to protect your home from your cat’s claws. Consider employing vertical blinds in place of the more common horizontal metal ones. 

Vertical blinds are less obstructive, so your cat will be able to go to the window with less effort. Instead, hardwood blinds are more durable and provide better protection against clawing and biting than metal blinds.

Place Items on the Windowsill of Your Home

To make it uncomfortable for the cat to sit on the windowsill, you can use various materials such as foil or plastic or lay heavy ornaments on the windowsill to prevent them from sitting there. 

The latter may be more visually appealing in your home, but make sure that the decorations are substantial and big enough so that the cats cannot just push them off or sit in between them.

You Can Install Cat-friendly Shades

Having cat-friendly blinds installed in your home is the most straightforward approach to avoid broken blinds. If you have a cat, vertical blinds are the best option because the slats are flexible and won’t break if the cat tries to crawl through. 

It also means that they won’t be able to climb up the blinds to get to the hidden blind cords! Our elegant, long-lasting vertical blinds go with any home’s decor, so there’s no need to sacrifice style.

Wrap the Cleats in the Cords

Cats love to chase after dangling wires. They get a kick out of beating them and seeing how they react. It can harm the cords, and if your cat gets tangled up in them, it might be dangerous for them as well. When not in use, secure the cables around a cleat so that your pets cannot get them. It’s also possible to go with cordless blinds.

Cat-friendly Window Treatments

Your cat may not respond well to other cat-proofing methods, in which case you may want to provide them with their window. Keep your cat from going to other windows and damaging the blinds by keeping one window with no blinds, or at least one blind that is only partially up.

How to Repair Blinds Damaged by Cats

What do you do once a hurricane or other natural disaster has destroyed your blinds? Don’t worry, buying a new one at a total price isn’t always your only option.

Call 800-505-1905 if you bought your shades from Blinds.com. Often, Blinds.com will provide a discount on purchasing a new blind. In addition, they’ll make sure that you acquire the correct shade for the remainder of the space.

Blinds that are just partially damaged can be repaired with replacement louvers if you have either a slatted or a vertical blind or a shutter.

FAQs – How to Get My Cat to Leave My Blinds Alone

Why does my cat play with my blinds?

Blinds get a lot of attention from cats since they’re a great place to watch the world go by. The best method to avoid this is to make the window sill unappealing to cats.

How do I stop my cat from attacking blinds?

Long drapes that cover the entire window and make it more difficult for your cats to get through the window could be a solution. Put the plastic over your windows to keep the heat in and the cats out during the winter!

Can a cat break a window?

It’s a sign that the frame isn’t secure if it rattles. Because of this, your cat may be able to shatter or knock the window out easily. If a window doesn’t open smoothly or at all, your cat could get hurt. Please make sure the window latches that keep it in place are tight.

What kind of blinds is cat-proof?

On the other hand, Venetian blinds made of wood offer a practical answer to your feline issues. No matter how tenacious your cat is, they won’t budge because they are made of solid material. Unlike aluminum Venetian blinds, the cat will have a lot more difficulty getting in between these slats and the window because they are more substantial and easier to clean.

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