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How to Get Cat to Use Cat Tree? Easy Guide

As a thank you for coming to our page via a search engine, you’re probably having a hard time encouraging your cat to use the new cat tree you just bought & you are in search of How to Get Cat to Use Cat Tree?

A new cat condo can be frustrating when you spend $50, $60, or even $100 or more on it to have a kitty reject it.

Don’t worry, and there are a few strategies you can employ to persuade to know How to Get Cat to Use Cat Tree in the manner meant!

Before you return it as “defective,” consider the following suggestions for enticing your cat to fall in love with his new tree!

If your cat isn’t using the cat tree, what’s wrong?

Cats are naturally adept at scaling vertical surfaces. An indoor cat may not love lying on a cat tree, but there must be some reason for this.

  • Fear and anxiety. But although though cats are naturally curious creatures, they can often be overly anxious to indulge that interest. Some cats are scared of the cat tree, while others are fearful of the things around it.
  • The cat tree is located in the wrong spot in the room. The cat tree’s location is more essential than its features. Additionally, a cat tree gives the feline a bird’s-eye view of its environment.
  • A cat tree is inaccessible to cats since they can’t leap on it. In some cases, a cat may not climb a cat tree if it is too young, too elderly, or in discomfort from an illness.
  • Other cats thwart him. You should make sure that no one cat is scared to use the cat tree because of territorial issues if you have more than one.

To ensure that your cat enjoys using the cat tree, you must fix any of the issues above that you can.

How to Get Cat to Use Cat Tree

These simple steps can encourage a cat’s passion for a cat tree.

How to Get Cat to Use Cat Tree

Step 1: Choose Your Location Carefully

It may be because the location of the cat tree does not suit your feline friend. To get the most out of your cat tree, follow these suggestions and recommendations:

Favourite Areas for Cat Cuddles

Wherever your cat spends his time, you’ll need to plant your tree in a location where he can relax and enjoy it.

You may want to buy two separate cat trees if you have more than one cat who prefers different spots in the house. If your cats don’t get along, this could be extremely useful.

Cats enjoy spending time with humans.

Although cats aren’t as friendly as dogs, they like spending time with others. Cats are family members, so it’s only natural that they’d be interested in what you’re up to daily.

One exception, however, must be made. A youngster or a teenager may be at risk if you’re a smoker, your house will be boisterous, and your cat may choose to lounge around on the furniture if it’s in a quieter area. But don’t hide it away in a place like a garage or a laundry room, as cats prefer to see their entire family at all times.

Step 2: Gently Persuade

Some cats are more cautious than others, and it may take them longer to warm up to a new experience. Praise and reassurance go a long way in helping your cat develop a stronger attachment to his tree.

Cats are more receptive to compliments when they are accompanied by affectionate petting.

Pet and play with your cat if he goes on to his cat tree while you’re there. Your cat will form a positive relationship with the cat tree due to this.

When your cat isn’t perched on the tree, don’t be alarmed if he returns to his usual resting spot. He’ll begin to use the tree more regularly after he realizes that it’s where he’ll get the most attention.

As time goes on, you’ll be able to break out of this routine as long as it takes for your cat to fall in love with his tree.

Step 3: Make Use of Catnip, Treats, and Toys

A cat’s favorite things are toys and snacks. As a result, your cat’s interest in the cat tree may increase once the kitty discovers that that is where all of his toys and treats are. You can also hang fresh toys like feathered birds, squeaky toys, and pom-poms to get his interest.

Catnip can also be sprinkled throughout the cat tree, in the cubby holes, and on various levels. Your cat will soon come to appreciate the tree’s vantage point and begin frequenting it more frequently.

A few more tips from the pros for your cat’s pleasure are included.

  • Choose the proper place. What is your cat’s favourite place to hang out?
  • If so, how many cats are likely to occupy the cat tree simultaneously? In this situation, you may require another tree, so make sure you have one on hand. As an illustration, you may have one cat tree above and one cat tree downstairs.
  • For cats who love being petted and hung out with, make sure you only do it while they are perched on the tree. In the long run, you will be able to alter this pattern. It is merely a practise run.
  • The time you spend with them while they’re still on the tree is a special one, so cherish every moment of it.
  • Please don’t allow him to stay as long on the ground or his previous vantage points. Even though it may be challenging initially, this phase is critical to reaching the desired outcome.
  • It’s time to switch to playing on the cat tree. Having an excellent relationship between your cat and their luxury cat tree is what you’re aiming for.
  • Please bring all of your cat’s favourite toys to the tree and use them to keep him entertained. To encourage her to climb, use these toys (such as a feature toy or thread).
  • To entice your cat to look for snacks regularly, you can utilise cat treats strategically placed on the tree throughout the day (all while developing this positive association with the new tree). To get your cat to play with your tree, consider using catnip as a lure. Using catnip or goodies, you may get your entire ball to play with this bizarre new toy.

FAQs – How to Get Cat to Use Cat Tree

Do cats actually use cat trees?

Cats adore cat trees because they provide hours of entertainment for them to climb. As a terrific way to stay in shape, both kittens and adults enjoy utilizing their bodies to balance and reach new heights.

Do cats outgrow cat trees?

A cat tree that your cat will soon outgrow is a waste of money. Your cat’s weight should also be considered while choosing a tree. Your cat may decide to avoid the tree altogether if it sways when it leaps on and off.

Do indoor cats need cat trees?

An indoor cat does not necessarily require a cat tree; nonetheless, if you don’t give them somewhere to scratch, they may begin destroying other items in your house. Your cat’s physical and mental well-being needs to have a scratching post.


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