How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain? Step by Step

cat stopped drinking from fountain
How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain

Thus, you’ve decided to get a water fountain for your cat, but they appear uninterested. Perhaps they are even fearful of the odd new equipment that has taken the place of their dependable water bowl. 

For cat owners, this can be worrying and infuriating. You purchased the fountain to ensure they have the best possible water source, but for some reason, they are underwhelmed. Fortunately, there are several steps you may take to assist your cat in adapting to its new water source.

Continue reading to learn How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain; additionally, there are numerous advantages.

Why is it that my cat will not drink from a fountain?

The majority of cats are opposed to changes in their routines and environment. If you’ve been providing water in a bowl to your cat since it was a kitten, forcing them to drink from a fountain can be rather shocking.

Additionally, your cat may be hesitant to drink from a water fountain due to the noise it makes and the flavour of the water it produces. 

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While some cats may have no problem with the noise a fountain makes, they may enjoy it—other cats may be startled easily and require some time to figure out How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain

Because certain water fountains are composed of plastic, the water may taste weird to your cat when water flows through them.

How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain: Step by Step

Many conscientious pet parents like pet fountains because they provide a steady freshwater flow. However, what if the kitten refuses to drink from it? Continue reading to learn more.

Step One

Relocate your cat’s former water source near the fountain and turn off the fountain. If your cat previously drank from a ceramic dish, for example, keep the dish next to the fountain. The fountain should also include water to acclimate your cat to the concept that it is a source of water as well.

Step Two

Put an end to refilling the primary water source. The water in the previous dish will eventually taste stale and run out. If you have a cat that likes to drink from the bathroom sink, resist the temptation to open the faucet for her during this time.

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Meanwhile, clean and refill the fountain with still water as if it were a new water dish. Turn on the fountain for a few hours at a time to acclimate your cat to the noise.

Step Three

Remove the previous dish entirely once the water has gone out. Once your cat gets comfortable drinking from the fountain when turned off, increase the frequency with which the fountain is turned on. Your cat will eventually begin drinking directly from the spout.

Train your cat to drink from the fountain

How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain

#1) Turn Off the Fountain Until They Are At Ease

If your cat fears the fountain’s loudness, leave it turned off until they become accustomed to drinking from it. It can assist them in gradually acclimating to their new fountain and preventing dehydration due to a lack of drinking.

#2) Avoid Consuming Food Near the Fountain

If water sprays over your cat’s food after it drinks from the fountain, they may become less interested in drinking from it out of fear of getting their food wet. 

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Fortunately, some pet water fountains feature adjustable water flow settings. However, keeping their water apart from their food is advisable if your cat is a particularly sloppy drinker.

#3) Reward Your Cat for Fountain Use

Give your cat a cat treat if you spot them drinking from the fountain, even if it is turned off. It will demonstrate their good deeds and provide positive reinforcement for utilizing their new water supply.

#4) Maintain a separate bowl of freshwater.

If turning on the water fountain does not go as planned, have patience and continue giving them a source of safe drinking water. 

Forcing people to drink from the fountain by removing alternative water sources. As a result, they may develop unfavourable associations with the fountain.

#5) Restart the Fountain and Reward Them

Once they’ve responded positively to the positive reinforcement and begun drinking more from the powered-off fountain, could you turn it on and see how much they drink? Be patient and avoid hovering over them in anticipation since this may cause them anxiety.

What are the advantages of providing my cat with a water fountain?

Maintaining proper hydration for your cat is critical for healthy existence. Maintaining a steady supply of fresh water for your cat is vital, and a water fountain is a safe, healthful, and convenient alternative to the traditional cat water bowl. The following are some reasons why it’s worthwhile to invest in a water fountain:


Water fountains keep the water one to two degrees cooler for your cat than a standard water bowl. It results in water that is somewhat cooler than room temperature. 

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Two degrees is the ideal temperature differential to make the water delightfully attractive, encouraging your cat to drink more.


Cat water fountains typically include a carbon filter built into the motor. Carbon aids in the purification of tap water. It can help keep the water clean and enhance its flavour and scent. 

Filters can prevent particles in the water, such as hair and grime, from accumulating. After a few hours, check your cat’s water bowl for crud that has accumulated at the bottom or is floating around. The water in your cat’s bowl will remain considerably cleaner with a fountain.


Bacteria reproduce significantly more rapidly in standing water. Circulation in a water fountain helps prevent bacteria and fungi from growing, which helps keep your cat’s water clean and safe. 

Suppose your cat prefers to drink from the tap or even the toilet. The water flow in the fountain can draw their focus away from the faucet and toilet.


Most water fountains hold between two and three litres of water, and occasionally even more. This enormous volume of water means you won’t have to refill your cat’s bowl as frequently as you did previously. 

Any pet owners out there who have more than one? The ability of a water fountain to store more water will assist you in providing more water to all of your pets throughout the day.

Maintaining Your Cat’s Water Fountain Ensures It’s Effective

You must keep fresh water in the fountain for your cat at all times. It will assist it in maintaining its new habit rather than seeking an alternative water source elsewhere. 

Additionally, we recommend that you completely replenish the fountain’s water supply every three days.

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Although the circulating water helps keep algae from growing, you must check at least once a week. While some individuals deep clean their fountains every week, once a month is sufficient.

FAQs – How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain

Do cats like to drink from the fountain?

Cats also appear to love cold water, and anyone who has ever worked on the tank in their toilet knows how frigid the water is.

Again, cat water fountains are meant to filter away impurities that can affect the taste of the water, resulting in water that tastes better and is fresher to your cat. Sunshine adores drinking from her fountain’s flowing water.

Where do you put a water fountain for a cat?

In an ideal world, the fountain would be located in a separate room, not in the kitchen, and certainly not near the litter box. Never allow your cat’s food or water to come into contact with the litter box. 

Additionally, it is ideal for locating the fountain away from high-traffic areas, especially if your cat is skittish and away from any noisy equipment.

Are water fountains better for cats?

Arnet hypothesizes that cats prefer filtered fountain water because it tastes better. Utilizing a water fountain can aid in hydration, easing the pressure on your cat’s kidneys.


I hope that this guide on How to Get Cat to Drink From Fountain will benefit you. In other cases, cats may be refusing to drink from a fountain due to discomfort with drinking from a new container. 

Cats are creatures of habit, and they dislike when their routine or the things around them change. Particular cats dislike the noise a fountain creates, while others dislike the plastic-y taste that the water running in the fountain may have.

A water fountain is an excellent purchase for your cat since it keeps the flowing water clean and cool, encouraging your cat to drink the necessary quantity of water each day.

By placing an old water dish next to the fountain, you can encourage your cat to drink from it. Wait for the water in the water dish to turn stale and run out, at which point your cat will seek water at the fountain. Eventually, your cat will prefer the fountain water.

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