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How to Clean a Cat Tree? Easy Method

Every cat owner’s regimen should include cleaning and maintaining their cat tree. There are several safe and practical methods for How to Clean a Cat Tree for as long as you possess it.

Depending on the type of contaminants on your cat tree, you might break this process down into numerous parts. Additionally, if your cat is eager to make use of the litter box, you might spread out the process over several days.

What is Cat Tree?

A cat tree is an artificial structure on which a cat can rest, play or exercise. It is common for cats to prefer characteristics that offer height over comfort, especially if the tree is tall enough for them to have a clear view of their surroundings.

There Are Several Kinds Of Dirt

The numerous distinct cat hairs are the first and most common sort of dirt you’ll find in a cat tree. Even while some cats shred more than others, they spend a significant amount of time rubbing their entire bodies against carpets or fluffy pillows, resulting in a significant accumulation of hair. As a result of the high volume of use, cleaning is likewise more time-consuming.

Rests of scratching poles are the second soil type. With its sisal roped columns, these cat’s nails get quite the workout. Because of the cat’s clawing, it sheds bits of rope all over the place.

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An accident is the most common cause of this third form of dirt. Cats vomit for several reasons, including hairballs, food allergies, and even eating anything that upsets their stomachs (like a mouse).

Cats that urinate when they’re stressed are also common. If your cat is sick or recently returned from the vet, they may lose bladder control due to anesthesia.

With their fur and paws, cats ingest a lot of dirt from different sources. As a result, the cat tree is littered with dust, litter box grit, sand, and food scraps.

Can You Clean A Cat Tree?

No doubt about it! In the case of untidy cat trees, you and your loved ones may experience allergic reactions. (especially if your cat sheds a lot). And it’s a good idea to do so regularly as well.

There are numerous ways to know How to Clean a Cat Tree?. Many variables must be considered, one of which is your ultimate goal. To maintain your pet’s coat, all you need to do is give it a thorough brushing and vacuuming.

You may need to use antibacterial treatments and a few more chemicals if you want to thoroughly clean and disinfect your cat tree.

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A simple brush or vacuum will not suffice if your carpets are covered in matted hair. You’ll need to add water and physically remove the clumps. It’s ideal for keeping the cat tree in good condition, so it doesn’t get to this point.

How to Clean a Cat Tree?

How to Clean a Cat Tree

Step 1: Take The Cat Tree Apart

In terms of size, cat trees can be a pain to move. Take it apart before you start cleaning it so you can deal with each part individually. It is going to make everything a lot simpler. Make sure to loosen the screws and nuts until you have all the separate parts. 

Remember where each piece goes when you put it back together. You can begin cleaning right away if you prefer, but be sure to handle the object with care. Be careful not to overload the platforms. Keep the cardboard sections out of the rain.

Step 2: Get Rid of the Cat Hair

Getting rid of the hair trapped in the nooks and crevices of cat trees is one of the most difficult tasks. Invest in cat hair-removing brushes to do this project more quickly and effectively. 

You can achieve a similar effect with rollers and gloves. See which one works best with your cat tree by giving them both a try. To get rid of all the hair in one area, you may have to go over the area several times before seeing results. Work your way downwards from the highest point to collect the strewn-about hair.

Step 3: Use A Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is used in the next phase. Vacuum cleaners are an essential household item in most homes. It is possible to get a smaller carpet cleaner to clean up after your cat if you do not already own one. Using this procedure, you can also remove any dirt accumulated.

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Grab a vacuum and go through the carpeted areas to see any droppings. In addition to the scratch post and base, it includes the sides and the rest-on. Don’t overlook the most popular platforms. Remove all the filth and hair from the cat condos.

Using a vacuum cleaner is necessary since it reaches every part of the cat tree, including the condominiums.

Step 4: Clean the Cat Tree of any stains.

Even though cats can clean themselves, they nonetheless make messes on occasion. For instance, they may vomit on their perches. Using them will leave behind stains that are more difficult to get off. 

You can either buy an anti-stain solution or prepare one yourself. Spray the stain with a pet cleaner that can remove it. After five minutes, remove it with a paper towel and let it air dry. 

Rinse a sponge after soaking it in a solution of water and dish soap. Dislodge hair and grime from all surfaces with a thorough scrub. Once the items have dried, you can vacuum them up once more.

Step 5: Get Rid of Musty Smells

Feline scents will eventually emerge due to the combination of cat hair, litter, and bodily fluids in the home. As a result, you must act without delay to prevent more damage to the room. 

Having guests over can be uncomfortable if the cat tree is in the living room. Leaving the stench unattended will only exacerbate the problem in the long run. 

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For a quick fix, try using an enzyme-based odour neutralizer. It’s also possible to use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to kill germs. Let everything air dry after wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Extra Tips: How to Clean a Cat Tree?

  • You can use a moist glove to brush your hand across the cat tree to remove any loose hairs. Any hair that has become lodged in the glove will be easily removed by vacuuming or brushing.
  • Using a lint roller to remove cat hair from clothing and other surfaces is a great idea. You may get rid of the surplus lint by simply rolling it over the cat tree with a lint roller.
  • It’s important to clean your cat tree regularly to keep up with it.

How Can A Cat Tree Be Made Safer To Use?

The typical method of cleaning a cat tree doesn’t always work. You won’t eradicate all the germs and other microbes. To thoroughly clean and disinfect your cat tree, follow these simple steps:

Disinfect: Hydrogen peroxide and water are common ingredients in many cleaning products sold online. Including the scratching post, hammocks, and caves, liberally apply this solution to the entire cat tree.

After a few minutes, use a dry towel or tissues to wipe off all surfaces. Keep your cat from scaling the tree while you’re working on this stage.

Use soap and water to clean up: Dish soap on a sponge, water, and Ruba-dub-dub! That’s how you wash the dishes! Cover all surfaces once again. Wipe away all of the soap and foam with a second moist cloth.

Dry it out: Dry the entire cat tree with a clean towel. A small amount of wetness may linger. Using a hairdryer or fan will help if this occurs. Alternatively, you can place the tree in direct sunshine or close to a heater to allow it to absorb some warmth. 

As soon as possible, allow it to dry completely to avoid creating another microenvironment that can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Is Buying a Secondhand Cat Tree Safe?

A used cat tree isn’t a good idea in general. Your cat may suffer from stress, disease, and even behavioural disorders due to using a previously used product. 

In addition, if the tree was formerly owned by someone else, your pet may be more likely to leave it alone. A cat has marked the tree and its surfaces, making it another animal’s territory.

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As a bonus, the cat tree might include some catnip residue on its poles left behind by the previous owner. Make specific behaviours more difficult for your pet to perform if you don’t remove the catnip from its environment.

FAQs – How to Clean a Cat Tree?

What do you do with old cat trees?

You have two options: either throw it away (in your garbage) or take it to a recycling facility where they can deal with it.

Will cats use a used cat tree?

If you have cats or other pets, you should steer clear of secondhand cat trees and other similar products since they may cause them distress or even death. 

Dr. Truitt advises against using secondhand cat trees since the odour from the previous owner’s cat will contaminate the new owner’s cat, who may begin peeing, marking the tree.

Is Fabuloso safe to use around cats?

Keeping Oreo out of the room while you dry the product will ensure that she doesn’t lick it. She should be OK after it dries.


All in all, these are the finest ways How to Clean a Cat Tree. There is a misconception among some individuals that these are the only ways to clean. As a result, it’s not a true dichotomy.

Cleaning a cat tree can be done in a variety of ways. You can choose the one that best fits your needs—cleaning the cat tree once a week is essential to prevent the cat from becoming unwell.

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