how much is a fertile male calico cat worth

How Much Is a Male Calico Cat in 2022? Complete Guide

The beauty of calico cats in general, and male calico cats in particular, has been celebrated since its discovery, regardless of the cat’s breed or age. Male calico cats are sought after worldwide because of their magnificent color and rarity.

Untrained people are unsure which specialties have such a high monetary value and the exact value of a male calico cat. The most excellent trading value is a cat’s unique pattern of coloration, but the rarity of a male calico cat raises its price. In this article, I will explain “How Much Is a Male Calico Cat? Continue reading this article to know the cost of Male Calico Cat.

What Is the Calico Cat?

A few breeds of cats have a unique color or pattern in their coats, but the most frequent color is brown, black, or white. Calico cats have a unique three-color combination that sets them apart from other cats.

At least three colors are necessary to make up a calico cat: white, a dark color like black (grey or blue), and a bright one like orange or peach (brown). A calico can have as many as six different colors. However, three is the minimum number needed to determine calico.

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The term “calico cat” refers to a genetic mutation, not a specific cat breed. Three chromosomes determine the coat color of a calico cat, two Xs from the mother and either Xs or Ys from the father. Because you cannot pass down a red or orange coat color from father to son, the gender of a tricolor cat’s offspring will lean more towards femininity than a male cat’s progeny.

Calicos are formed accidentally when the X and Y chromosomes of parents, regardless of breed, are intentionally combined, and the occurrence can occur in any delivery instance. Calico cats are born with a tricolor appearance, although the absence of any outside influence elevates them beyond all other cats in the natural world.

Is There a Reason Male Calicos Are Rare?

The scarcity of calico tomcats can be traced back to their ancestry. Generally speaking, coat color in cats is tied to sex, meaning that color is encoded into specific chromosomes. The X chromosome contains the gene that determines a cat’s color; therefore, both male and female cats can be orange or black.

Women have two X chromosomes; therefore, they can have both hues, while men, who only have one, can only have one or the other. It is because they are genetically limited to one or the other.

Calico and tortoiseshell cats tend to be female because of this. Tortoiseshell and tabby cats have streaked coats with M-shaped markings on their foreheads, while calico cats have huge, distinctive markings on their white fur.

How Much Is a Male Calico Cat

How Much Is a Male Calico Cat

Male calico cats can sell for Up to $1,000 in the commercial market. Because of their rarity and miracle birth, Male calico cats are a symbol of good fortune and superpower. 

Since they were found in Egypt and spread throughout Europe and Asia, calico cats have been revered as protectors of gods and pharaohs alike. The fact that male calicos cannot have progeny makes them extremely rare.

Furthermore, the cost will skyrocket if the calico pattern appears in pricey breeds like Russian, Synavah.

As a result of their health issues and progeny, calico cats are no longer popular with the general public, and they are only used as specimens in zoos. Male calico cat breeds are expected to be the primary source of revenue.

Why Is a Calico Cat More Likely to Be Female Than a Male?

X chromosomes are responsible for a calico cat’s red/orange and grey/black hues, requiring three distinct colors.

It’s easier to tell a female cat from a male one since the female has XX chromosomes, which means it will have all the colors.

On the other hand, the XY chromosomes are more common in men. It means it will not be a calico cat because it can only be black or red.

As a result, finding a male calico cat is tough, as it is extremely rare to come across a cat with the three chromosomes XXY.

Facts About Calico Cats in General, Males

In addition to being a rare breed, male calico cats have several unique characteristics that influence their price.

  • To begin, only one male calico cat is found for every 3,000 female calico cats. Because of this, it is incredibly rare to discover a male calico cat, with a probability of 0.03 percent.
  • Among 10,000 calico males, you’re more than likely to find one viable cat. Since the others are sterile, they are not the ideal option if you’re looking for a cat breed that can produce offspring, which is the case here.

Male Calico Cat Lifespan

The typical lifespan of a calico cat is between 12 – 15 years, depending on the individual. While indoor cats can live for up to 15 years, outdoor calicos have a shorter life expectancy of between seven and nine years on average.

FAQs – How Much Is a Male Calico Cat

What is the rarest cat color?

True albinos have recessive alleles that impair their TYR gene, resulting in their skin being completely white. Cats that have pink skin and white fur are born. Their eyes are a pale blue or pink. What on earth is going on here?

Are female orange cats worth money?

A female orange cat does not have a monetary value of its own. In contrast, most calico and tortoiseshell cats are female.

Are 3 colored cats always female?

It’s not uncommon to picture a calico cat as being white with huge orange and black patches (or cream and grey spots). Still, the calico cat can come in three more colors in addition to those traditionally associated with the pattern. The majority of them are female, except for a few unusual hereditary cases.

Are most white cats deaf?

According to new research, most white cats with non-blue eye color are born deaf. Having one blue eye raises the ratio to 40% while having both eyes blue raises the percentage between 65 and 85 percent in all-white cats. Only one ear is functioning for some of these cats.


After reading this article, I hope you know “How Much Is a Male Calico Cat? The value of a male calico cat used to be in the tens of thousands of dollars; however, cat breeders now understand that these small felines are unique because of their genes. A calico cat is a tricolor cat that has been given an extra dose of glamour and uniqueness by its calico coloring. 

Besides their coat color, male calico cats have nothing to be proud of, and their lives can be made even more miserable by illnesses and sterilization procedures. With a cat feeder, you can feed your calico cat and free up your time, making it easier to care for your pet.

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