How Much Does a Ragamuffin Cat Cost? Complete Guide

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How Much Does a Ragamuffin Cat Cost

The RagaMuffin goes to a very deserving family! These cats are beautiful to look at, but their personality is what will sway you. 

If you’re considering getting one of these cats, You should keep in mind that you’ll have to maintain paying for them for the remainder of their lives, not just when you buy them. 

It’s essential to think about everything from feeding and grooming to the annual visit to the vet. Whether you purchase from a breeder, you can find out How Much Does a Ragamuffin Cat Cost

Please keep in mind that the costs we’ve provided here are only estimates and that actual prices will fluctuate based on various variables. Vet fees and the type of food you feed your cat will depend on where you live and your cat’s health.

What is a “Ragamuffin Cat”?

In 1994, the Ragamuffin cat was recognized as a distinct breed of domestic cat.

As a result of these qualities, they are now highly sought for.

Cats of this breed tend to be on the larger side. They can grow out to be between 8 and 20 pounds as adults. On the other hand, females are frequently lower in stature than men.

Are you unsure if the Ragamuffin is a good fit for your family and lifestyle? To make an informed decision about whether or not to get a Ragamuffin cat, consult this comprehensive guide.

The History of the Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffins used to be included in Ragdolls before officially being recognized as a separate breed.

In the 1960s, Ann Baker, a California breeder, invented the Ragdoll breed, its ancestor. They were created by crossing Ragdolls with other domestic long-haired breeds.

After being awarded entire championship status by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 2011, the breed continues to astonish audiences at cat events worldwide.

The International Cat Association has not yet acknowledged them (TICA).

Although the breed is well known as a family pet, it also does well in cat shows. A large portion of this appeal is due to their charismatic demeanor.

How Much Does a Ragamuffin Cat Cost?

How Much Does a Ragamuffin Cat Cost

Expect to pay roughly $2000 for a purebred Ragamuffin kitten if you are looking for one. However, if you want to have your Ragamuffin cat transported to you by courier, you’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars more for the service. A purebred kitten can cost upwards of $2,000 in some cases.

To get a senior cat, you’ll have to pay a lot less. Breeders can command a premium for their kittens because of the strong demand. The demand for senior cats with past owners is low; therefore, you can expect to spend significantly less for them. The cost of care for senior cats varies depending on the circumstances.

Adopting a Ragamuffin from a shelter will only cost you the adoption fee. From $50 to $200, you can also discover elderly cats for sale on Craigslist. Even if your Ragamuffin cat is a little older, you may still have a few adorable years with him because he looks like a kitten for such a long time.

What’s included in the adoption fee?

A health certificate from a veterinarian, a health guarantee, current vaccines, and a travel cage should all be included in the purchase price from a reputable breeder. 

Microchipping, genetic testing, spaying/neutering, and a beginning kit with food, toys, and coupons are all options some breeders may offer. Additionally, all cats should be FeLv and FIV-negative, as well. If the pedigree is registered with the ACFA or CFA, you will include this paperwork in the adoption.

How Much Does a Ragamuffin Kittens Cost

Breeders of Ragamuffin kittens can be found here:

#1) Country Muffins Ragamuffin Kittens

Country Muffins is an Indiana-based company that sells Ragamuffin kittens. People in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky may find this cattery convenient.

Compared to other Ragamuffin cat breeders, Country Muffins has only been breeding cats for eight years. Their website clarifies that they are passionate about Ragamuffin cats and want the best for them.

Country Muffins is a member of the CFA and the ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association). Aside from that, they’re a part of the Ragamuffin Cat Fanciers group.

Customers interested in learning more about you can do so by filling out a questionnaire at Country Muffins. As an option, if you need your new kitten delivered, they’ll propose a flight nanny service. In other words, you’re not shipping anything; you’re simply flying your new cat to you.

#2) Kaerik Ragamuffin Kittens

Cattery Kaerik Ragamuffins is based in Southeastern Pennsylvania and raises Ragamuffins. People in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., are likely to benefit from this.

On Kaerik Ragamuffins’ website, there is a lot of discussion concerning the health of their Ragamuffins. You may find a thorough explanation of FeLV, FIV, HCM, and PKD1 testing here. Their Ragamuffins’ well-being is of the utmost importance to them.

Cats raised by Kaerik Ragamuffins are treated as members of the family. Personal attention is something they take great satisfaction in giving their Ragamuffin kittens.

Ragamuffin cats, according to Kaerik Ragamuffins, mature at a slower rate than other cat breeds, making them more suitable for later adoption. The child must acquire the proper socialization before they leave the house.

What additional costs might I expect?

Depending on the airline and the distance the cat needs to travel, the cost of sending the cat by air might range from $150 to $400.

Cat litter, food, accessories, toys, and routine/unexpected veterinarian checkups are all things you’ll have to deal with regularly for any other cat breed. Cat owners should budget at least $50 a month to maintain a healthy lifestyle for their cats, if not more.

Some fees must be paid by local city and county ordinances.

How can I save some money?

Dial or chat with a slew of local animal shelters and breeders. Take a look at the company’s history, certifications, and what they can provide you instead of focusing solely on the pricing.

Consider contacting a local cat shelter or the Humane Society to check if any elderly cats are still available. You may come upon a canine ragamuffin in the absence of the real thing.

No matter how good a breeder’s track record is, it would help if you always put them at the bottom of your adoption priority list. 

How long do ragamuffin cats live?

A good suggestion is to know how long you can expect your Ragamuffin cat to live after knowing the typical price. In this section, I’ll go through their life expectancy.

Ragamuffin cats can live up to 15 years on average. Some live a little longer than this, like a few extra years. You can anticipate a healthy and well-cared pet to behave in this way.

You can tell if they’re healthy by looking at their expected weight. You can tell if they’re healthy by looking at their desired weight.

What is the ideal weight for a ragamuffin cat?

It’s a good idea to plan before getting a Ragamuffin cat. If you have a notion of their average weight, you’ll be better prepared for what to expect when it comes to their size. As a result, I’ll explain what you can expect in this part.

Ragamuffin cats can weigh anything from 12 to 20 pounds on average. In addition, like with other animals, females tend to weigh less. The average weight of a female Ragamussin is between 8 and 15 pounds. For the sake of argument, let’s assume they’re healthy and eating well.

The texture of your pet’s coat is essential to know now that you know how much they should weigh, so please continue reading. The most important question is whether or whether the kitty sheds excessively.

FAQs – How Much Does a Ragamuffin Cat Cost

Do Ragamuffin cats shed a lot?

The RagaMuffin, like all cats, has some shedding, but it’s not excessive. RagaMuffins need regular nail clipping and ear washing for additional maintenance. The nails should be trimmed every 10 days to two weeks, depending on how long they’ve been growing.

Are Ragamuffin cats good with kids?

It has been said that RagaMuffins tend to get along well with children because they are mellow and laidback. Picking up a RagaMuffin isn’t a big deal for it. Cats of this breed tend to go limp in their owners’ arms, as with this one.

Are ragamuffins born white?

As they grow older, the patterns and colors of ragamuffin kittens begin to reveal themselves. Ragamuffin cats’ most prevalent coat colors and patterns include solid, tortoiseshell, tabby/white, and mink. Solid colors are the most popular.


I hope that after reading this article you will know “How Much Does a Ragamuffin Cat Cost“. Despite its high price, a Ragamuffin kitten might be an excellent investment because of its lovely beauty and affectionate attitude. 

When you purchase a Ragamuffin kitten from a reputable breeder, you can rest assured that you will receive a kitten with a charming appearance and an even more charming disposition.

Because of a limited budget, you may want to consider purchasing a Ragamuffin cat, look into adopting or buying an older Ragamuffin cat instead. Cats of all ages require your love and attention, just as much as the more expensive infant kittens.

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