How Much Does a Pixie Bob Cat Cost in 2022? Facts & Figures

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How Much Does a Pixie Bob Cat Cost

When it comes to the most sought-after feline breeds right now, it has to be Pixiebob. A “dog-like” cat, because of its sociability and loyalty, has earned the name.

In addition, it is pretty easy to train on a leash. Breeders place a premium on its price because of its trainability and sociability. But the problem is that what’s the price of this loyal cat. Today, Here in this article I will give you a complete explanation of How Much Does a Pixie Bob Cat Cost?

A Pixie-bob cat’s polydactyl toes are yet another distinguishing feature. In other words, each foot can have a maximum of seven toes. The International Cat Association only recognizes the Pixie-bob cat breed as polydactyl.

About Pixie Bob Cat

Native to North America’s Northwestern United States, the Pixiebob breed is relatively new. The Coastal Red Bobcat, which you may find in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, is a medium to large-sized, robust, and sturdy cat. 

The breed is easily recognized, stocky and athletic, with massive bones and long, hefty legs. Its hind legs are significantly longer than its front legs. The Pixiebob has a rolling movement that resembles wild felines with its giant paws and long toes.

Only a few breeders reliably produce huge Pixie-bobs, which weigh around 11 pounds (5 kilograms), about the same as a good-sized domestic cat. As a general rule, males, Pixie Bob-Cat, are heavier than the female Pixie BobCat in terms of weight.

Approximately 8 lb is the typical domestic cat’s weight (4 kg). In contrast to most domestic cats, Pixie-bobs have a four-year growth cycle.

How Much Does a Pixie Bob Cat Cost?

How Much Does a Pixie Bob Cat Cost

Like other rare breeds, the price of this breed has risen due to its great demand. The cost varies from one cattery to the next, as does the kittens’ lineage, colour, and gender.

Breeders distinguish between kittens destined for the show ring and those intended solely for domestic use. Adult Pixiebobs are also less expensive than kittens.

It also varies in price according to the kitten’s degree to conform to the breed criteria.

Starting at $1,500 for show quality kittens and $800 to $1,500 for kittens of pet quality, depending on the cattery. A pet Pixie-bob cat with the best display quality can cost up to $5,500.

Breeders tend to value Pixiebobs with long tails higher than those with short tails, which is interesting. The price of a male kitten with a naturally short tail is $4,500 on the website of a Washington-based cattery.

A male kitten with a long tail, according to the breeder, costs only $2,500. The small tail of a Pixie-bob cat may contribute to this disparity.

When establishing the price of the Pixiebob, you should take into account the tail’s length. Some breeders may also artificially shorten the tails of their kittens.

Pixiebob kittens’ polydactyl status is also an essential consideration for breeders. As recognized by TICA, Polydactyl toes are a distinct feature of the Pixie-bob cat.

How to Pick the Best Breeder

When looking for a Pixie-bob breeder, there are several things to consider.

First and foremost, the purchaser must confirm that the breeder can demonstrate that the kittens are descended from Brewer’s Pixie (the original breeder). When establishing the price of the Pixiebob, you should take into account the tail’s length.

As a second consideration, a reputable breeder should provide a health guarantee for the first few months of the kitten’s life. The breeder must provide a health certificate to prove that the kitten is healthy.

The breeder should also prove that the kitten has undergone all essential vaccinations.

Third, the buyer should verify that you nurtured the kitten in the home of the breeder of choice. Even though Pixiebobs are pretty social, they would have difficulty adjusting to a new environment if left alone for long periods.

The customer must verify that the breeder raises the kittens in a hygienic and caring environment before purchasing them. It would be helpful if the buyer visited the cattery for this one.

The buyer would be able to determine the veracity of the breeder’s claims using this information.

Last but not least, buyers should be on the lookout for breeders that engage in frequent fraudulent tactics. A breeder who consistently has many kittens for sale is a red indicator to be on the lookout for.

Buyers should also be wary of breeders who accept credit card payments via their websites.

There are five things to keep in mind while selecting a breeder. It’s also critical to determine if the breeder is charging a fair price for their wares.

  • genetic purity (traceable to the original Pixie)
  • Certification of good health and immunisation
  • Home-raised
  • An environment that is safe and loving
  • Scams that are all too common (multiple litters, credit card payments)

Facts and Figures About Pixie-Bob Cats and Kittens

If you want to learn more about this unique breed’s personality traits, check out the following information.

Tolerant & Compassionate

Is it true that all cats are irrational? You haven’t met the Pixie Bob, have you? Their laid-back demeanor is well-known. In contrast to most, these furry companions seem unconcerned about anything, including food and attention.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you snuggle up to the pixies or ignore them while doing your responsibilities. If you bring inquisitive passersby over to meet your gorgeous pet, they won’t even notice. They won’t mind spending a few hours alone in their own house with toys and food.

If you own a Pixie-Bob, you won’t have to worry about meeting your cat’s every want. They’re mellow and unassuming!

Exuberant & jovial

Pixies aren’t lazy; they’re just tolerant and laid back. Quite the opposite! Pixies are known for their high levels of activity.

Even if they’re playing with a friend they’ve just met, they won’t back down from a game session. A laser chasing game incorporated into an interactive pet camera is a terrific way to keep an eye on your cats if you have to leave them home alone. Accidents like a shattered vase or something similar could happen because of their passion for climbing and jumping.

If you want to keep your Pixie Bob kitty happy and healthy, another alternative is to get a cat tree with multiple levels and activities.

Cats with a Big Heart

Pixie Bobs aren’t frivolous or needy, but they need other people to be friends. They are renowned for their sociability and love of human contact. When a stranger enters your home, they won’t hide under the couch or act aggressively. The Pixie’s friendly disposition will have them running to meet the stranger and sniffing them out in no time!

One of the numerous reasons to keep your Pixie Bob kitty indoors is because of its friendly disposition. While diseases and parasites found in the wild can be a concern, the greatest danger is that your cat will opt to leave your yard and establish new friends in the wild.

They’re Intelligent

Dogs of this type are brilliant and may easily be trained to perform a variety of tricks. You may show them how to give you high fives, stand up, and even jump through hoops when you call them by their name.

Your Pixie will quickly pick up new commands if you’re patient and consistent and always use positive reinforcement strategies.

Polydactyl Paws

The paws of most cats are oval, but those of this breed is nearly round. And the Pixie Bob has polydactyl paws. That implies their fluffy paws have a few extra toes.

An identical genetic mutation happens in humans that causes this. All of its paws may be affected by polydactylism or just one or two of them at a time.

They’re Vocal

Like Oriental Shorthair cats, Pixie Bobs have a high-pitched voice, like their cousins. They aren’t afraid to express themselves. However, they aren’t averse to voicing their opinions or making demands. To avoid drawing your notice, a Pixie rarely meows.

Despite this, they like expressing themselves through purring and chirp-like noises. Relaxed and chatty all at the same time.

It’s ideal for new cat owners, children, and pets of all kinds!

First-time cat owners who have never owned a cat before might consider this breed. They adapt quickly to new people and new environments for these cats. Because of their small size, pixie cats are one of the most accessible types of cats to transport around.

Thanks to its gentle and understanding nature, large families with children will enjoy having a Pixie as a pet. You can live with other animals like dogs since they get along so well with each other. However, not all dog breeds can coexist peacefully with a cat’s furball. Choose a dog that will be easy to get along with, such as a beagle or labrador retriever.

FAQs – How Much Does a Pixie Bob Cat Cost

Is a Pixie-Bob cat rare?

Because of this, pedigree Pixie Bobs are not a designer breed, although they are extremely unusual. This breed’s ease of upkeep isn’t just due to its lack of dietary restrictions. These cats are perfect even for people who have never owned a cat before, thanks to their laid-back, friendly, and patient personalities.

Are Pixie-Bob cats legal?

However, this is only a myth with no solid scientific evidence to back it up. As a domestic cat, ownership of the Pixie-Bob cat is not subject to any laws.

How long do Pixie-Bob cats live for?

Men can weigh up to 20 pounds, while female Pixie-bobs can weigh as little as 12 pounds. This breed’s typical lifespan is 15 years. Because of the rarity of the Pixie bob, it is difficult to identify any hereditary or breed-specific health issues.

How do you know if your cat is a Pixie-Bob?

They have black paws, black ears, heavy ear hair, black lips, and white fur around the eyes that’s black around the eyes but white around the paws. The majority have short hair, although a few have long locks. Yellow or greenish-gold eyes are familiar.


Pixie Bob pricing might be shocking depending on the cattery and the kitten’s pedigree, colour, and gender. The price ranges from USD 800 to USD 1,500 for kittens of show quality and from USD 1,500 to USD 5,000 for kittens of pet grade. 

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