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How Many Days Can a Cat Go Without Pooping?

Naturally, cats require a properly functioning digestive system to maintain their health and wellbeing. However, it can be difficult to distinguish between what is ‘normal’ and what needs the attention of a veterinarian, especially given the fact that cats poop far less frequently than we do. So, How Many Days Can a Cat Go Without Pooping?

If a cat goes 48 hours (two days) without pooping, it should be monitored and taken to the veterinarian. In a healthy cat, you will produce excrement daily or weekly. Your cat’s nutrition and digestive health will determine How Many Days Can a Cat Go Without Pooping. Some cats poop twice a day.

Discover how long cats can go without pooping, how to keep your pet’s stool schedule on track, and what you can do to encourage your cat to poop.

How Many Days Can a Cat Go Without Pooping

Even though the average cat faeces once every 24-36 hours, this can vary and still be considered healthy. Variable diets and exercise levels will result in different bowel movement rates in felines of different ages and sizes.

An outdoor cat that consumes more scraps and is more active may defecate more frequently than a cat kept indoors. An indoor cat who destroys mainly dry food and leads a more sedentary lifestyle may require less frequent trips to the potty.

In general, a cat may go for lengthy periods without pooping before becoming ill, although the timing of its bowel movements can vary widely and still be considered healthy. If it’s been more than two days since your cat last pooped, you should be concerned.

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Not immediately, but you should watch your cat see if they have gone to the potty in the next 12 hours. You don’t necessarily need to rush your cat to the emergency department right soon. You can also start using natural tactics to get your cat to poop more frequently.

If your cat has not pooped by the end of the 12 hours, you should take them to the veterinarian.

4 Ways to Make Your Cat Poo Look Good

The following are some treatment alternatives for getting your cat to go potty regularly:

how many days can a cat go without pooping


Stool softeners and laxatives, for example, are commonly prescribed to alleviate constipation. Cats must consume high-fibre meals to maintain a healthy digestive system. Providing your cats with such foods daily is something you should do.


Another strategy to prevent constipation is ensuring that the cat has access to a steady water supply. Ensure that they have easy access to clean water at all times.


Constipation can be alleviated using this method. The cat’s colon is anaesthetized to accomplish this. On the other hand, a veterinarian is an obvious choice for such a job. People often wonder How Many Days Can a Cat Go Without Pooping following surgery, and vets can answer this question.


Getting the cat up and moving regularly might be beneficial. Don’t only let the cat eat and sleep; allow them to participate in other activities.

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Before going to the vet for your cat’s health issues, you should try some home cures first. Being able to seek assistance in treating your cat’s health problems, such as constipation or infections, is comforting.

When cats are stressed, do they stop peeing?

If a cat stops using the litter box, it’s most likely because they’ve become irritated about something in their surroundings.

Changing their environment might worry cats, as they don’t enjoy sudden or loud noises.

It would help if you investigated any time your cat stops using the litter box to see what’s troubling them and making them pee elsewhere.

What if the box isn’t clean enough? You should probably clean things up then.

How often should a cat over the age of ten go potty?

Cats are regarded as self-cleaning animals; therefore, we don’t have to assist.

You shouldn’t be concerned about how often your cat poops if it eats well and exercises regularly.

It’s normal for cats to defecate several times a day, although the frequency and consistency of their defecation will differ from cat to cat. A cat may poop more frequently than usual to eliminate hairballs or fur fragments.

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You can use cat grooming gloves to remove the cat’s fur and give it a thorough brushing. If your cat has a hairball, giving it treatment may help it pass it more quickly.

In the same way, as young cats poop regularly, so should old cats.

Cats’ Bowel Movements Influenced by Factors

Before drawing any conclusions, you must have a firm grasp of the daily elements that affect excretion. Any one of these elements can have an impact on it.

  • Your cat’s or kitten’s age.
  • The number of physical activities people engage in daily.
  • Feeding schedule for the day.
  • The cat’s daily water intake.
  • There is any medical condition that is influencing their intestinal mobility and wellness that they are now experiencing.
  • Any medications or supplements that may impact your cat’s digestive system should be considered.

Some of the most crucial things to keep in mind regarding your pet’s colon and gut health are included here. Several other aspects need to be examined, and you should consult your veterinarian.

FAQs – How Many Days Can a Cat Go Without Pooping?

How can I stimulate my cat to have a bowel movement?

Apply gentle circular pressure to the kitten’s anus area with a baby wipe or soft tissue. Keep doing this until and while the cat is pooping. When the kitten hears this, it will know to start pushing, which will help them go to the bathroom.

Can a cat go 5 days without pooping?

Defecating once a day is the norm for healthy cats. To put it another way, cats who don’t eat for any reason may go to the bathroom less frequently. But if you don’t see any faeces in the litter box for four to five days, it’s time to get worried.

Do cats hold their poop?

To avoid becoming wet or soiled, they prefer to bury their excrement after using the litter box. However, cats’ faeces and litter can sometimes find their way outside the box.


In conclusion, this discussion revolved around How Many Days Can a Cat Go Without Pooping and the problems that can arise as a result. Having constipation may be the reason for your cat’s inability to defecate properly. 

Congestion is caused by a wide range of factors, including dehydration and colon obstruction. You should increase your cat’s water intake and get her moving if you want to cure her constipation and ensure that she defecates regularly.

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